CS155 Computer and Network Security

CS155: Course Staff

Spring 2024

TA mailing list:   cs155ta@cs.stanford.edu

Instructor: Dan Boneh

Office: Gates 170
Phone: (650) 725-3897
E-mail: dabo at cs.stanford.edu
Office hours: Wed. 3-4pm (after class)

Instructor: Zakir Durumeric

Office: Gates 432.
Phone: (650) 724-6279
E-mail: zakir at cs.stanford.edu
Office hours: Mon 3-4pm

Course Assistants:

Please contact us via cs155ta@cs.stanford.edu. We prefer that you do not email us individually.

Office Hours: See calendar for hours and location.

  • Aditya Saligrama
  • Alex Bradfield
  • Jeremy Kim
  • Kavin Anand
  • Lauren Saue-Fletcher